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Coaches and consultants - making my business heroic!

Updated: Jun 17

Coach? Are you thinking of someone running around a pitch blowing a whistle and shouting at people too? Usually we just think of people in sports wear with a whistle running around shouting at people. Perhaps my view of this has been skewed having just watched a great show on Apple TV about a football coach..

dogs dressed up with their own brand of style

But why am I talking about business coaches?

Simply put, all great business leaders had business coaches. People in their corner who offered advice, stability, and most importantly, told them exactly what they didn’t want to hear but needed to.

It’s really easy to be a business leader and have people around you agree with you on everything. We’ve all been there. Lots of people say they don’t want “yes-men”, but then react badly when they get told NO.

Coaches should give you lessons and knowledge that will last you a lifetime. Coaches will influence you as a person, and help work out the answers with you. They won’t tell you what to do. But they’ll suggest some options if you’re stuck.

It sounds cheesy doesn’t it? Who really needs a coach then?

Having been an Agile Coach (helping make businesses more Agile), I can say that anyone would benefit from coaching. I’ve been in workshops where I’ve coached a lot of people at different companies, and apply that to their whole lives. Everyone has always gone away with new ideas and inspiration to change things up.

That’s exactly what coaches give you. Consultants are great, and we are consultants too, in a sense. But here at Working Progress, we also see ourselves as coaches. As consultants we’d look at the deliverable, the result. I.e. “I want to increase sales by x”, or “I want to reach a wider audience”.

As coaches we’d look at you, “Am I thinking the right way”, or “Should I be looking at this differently”.

We understand that this might be a hard sell. That’s something we understand. Until you’ve had coaching like this, you might not understand the benefits. I can say though, that we are accomplished at what we do and have delivered coaching at small companies, to big ones. Frequently getting feedback saying “it’s the best workshop I’ve ever been to”. High praise indeed!

So, if you’re thinking, I’m doing “ok” with my business, but need a little something extra to go up a level, then contact Working Progress to take advantage of our years of coaching experience!

Image: Porapak Apichodilok/Negative Space