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Does my business need a website?

We understand that not all businesses have a huge budget for marketing. Outlay on branding, marketing and social media is a real investment, and not everyone can afford it straight away. But can you rely on a free Facebook page, or other social media presence, to promote your business successfully?

Corgi looking at a great business website

What does a website offer?

With so many options available on social media you may well ask yourself what a website offers over and above these? Think about all of the functions of a website:

  • communicating with your audience

  • creating a relationship with a potential customer

  • providing information to them

  • reassuring a user that your product or service is right for them

  • an online portfolio or shop, showcasing everything you offer

Yes, social media can cover some of these as well, but can it do all of them at once? Probably not, as you are limited to the amount of content you can put out at any one time. With your own website you can include as much information as you want. A website will promote your social content

A website also brings together all of your content from other sources in one place. With links throughout your site, rather than being a distraction from your social media channels a website will actually promote more visibility of your social content.

One other factor to consider is that different social media channels typically attract different types of people. According to Sprout Social Facebook’s largest user group is aged 25-34 with more male users than female. Instagram’s average user is a similar age but attracts more women than men. Twitter has slightly older users (30-49) and LinkedIn has the oldest (46-55), both predominantly male.

It’s obvious from these statistics that whichever channels you use your efforts are still limited. Not so with a website. According to the Office for National Statistics nearly all adults aged 44 and below regularly use the internet. And older people are catching up, especially since the pandemic. In 2020 just 6.3% of adults in the UK had never used the internet and this number continues to fall. A website will reach more people than a Facebook page

Compare this to general usage for social media and it’s much lower. Facebook has the highest number of users at 2.7 billion but the total population of the UK as of the 15th June 2021 is estimated to be 68 million. According to Statista “as of April 2021, there were 54.8 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom”. This means that without a website you could be missing out on interaction with over ten million people!

So, you now know that you can reach a much larger audience with a website than with social media. What other benefits are there? Most importantly, a website, if done well, is a tailored experience for your customers. You are in control of exactly what information your client’s will have and how it’s presented to them. With your own website you choose what users see

There are no limitations like there are with social pages or a seller’s site via an e-commerce platform. And the platform isn’t owned by someone else, with their own agenda, who might make overnight changes to features and algorithms that impact negatively on your business. And let’s face facts, a social page just doesn’t look as professional as your own personalised site. A URL that’s specific to your business coupled with a polished website goes a long way to creating the kind of reputation that a social media page can never hope to match.

Here at Working Progress we specialise in creating bespoke websites that are completely tailored to our client’s services and market, giving their own customers the best experience possible. If someone is enjoying the experience they will stay on the site for longer, learning more about your business and what you offer.

Another benefit is that they are also more likely to give you their contact details by signing up to a newsletter, should you decide to offer one. This creates an instant database containing the means to contact people who already have an interest in what you do. Surely that’s money well spent? Here are some websites that we have recently designed and built: urbanessentialshealth.com protekpay.co.uk If you would like some free advice about how a website could help your business grow please get in touch.

Image: Nataliya Vaitkevich/Pexels