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Is a logo important?

Updated: Mar 11

In one word; yes! 'Hold on a minute' I hear you say, 'you would say that, you're a graphic designer!' Valid point. I would say yes as I'm a graphic designer, and also because I know how powerful branding is. There's a reason why McDonalds like their iconic golden arches to be visible from the closest main road.

A great logo will be the most instantly recognisable part of your business. I frequently remember a brand, or shop, by the colour of the logo, not it's name. And I'm sure I'm not alone.

Think about all of those Zoom quizzes we've participated in with family and friends since the first lockdown last year... Surely most people have taken part in at least one 'name the logo' round? If you still don't believe me see how many of these you can guess*:

And what about if you simply see the shapes and colours, no text whatsoever? How many of these can you guess*?

And what if you can only see a tiny piece of the logo? Can you still guess*?

Unless you haven't been to Spec Savers for a while, I'm hoping you now see my point. Pun intended! A good logo is memorable. It will help you to be recognised and remembered. This is crucial for your brand. Don't forget the importance of marketing via word of mouth. Even if your product isn't relevant to everyone you still want as many people as possible to remember you. That way they can recommend you to someone else who just might be your next client. This is how your business starts to create a following and a reputation. You want that reputation to be the right one, so why compromise on something so important? Your logo should be unique, an individual expression of your own business, that communicates to potential customers that your offering is right for them. A professionally designed logo will effectively promote your brand for years to come. As the Creative Director of Working Progress I'm ideally placed to create something brilliant for you. Let's work together!

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Image: Joiarib Morales/Unsplash

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