• Hazel

Hello there, nice to meet you

Updated: Apr 18

For our second blog we would like to introduce ourselves, giving you a chance to get to know the people behind the name Working Progress, and how we can help you. We are the heroes you need!

Hazel, Creative and Content Hero

After 8 years working as a magazine designer for leading publishing houses, in both London and Sydney, I was asked to work on an app for ASOS. I jumped at the chance as I love learning new skills. After moving across to digital media I haven't looked back. Since then I have worked on apps for TI Media and also web and social content at Revolution Beauty.

I currently work for businesses as diverse as a Vitamin start-up, a finance company and a vineyard in Austria. I offer the whole package, from brand identity (logos etc.) to content creation and websites. I am not a developer (although I know a little code) so I use website builders to create professional websites without the high price tag associated with a web development agency.

I am a rare breed. A visual person who can write too. Yes, we do exist! I've even had a headline or two published back in my magazine days. I instinctively refine and create clarity in any text that comes my way.

At the start of my career, during my work in magazines, I was constantly considering my target audience. This put me in good stead. Since diversifying, clients regularly tell me that the concepts that I create are just what they imagined. And as Steve Jobs said "customers don't know what they want until we've shown them". I can show you! In addition to this I will consider your clients, not just your own needs. After all they are the people that we both want to impress.

Aaran, Product and Tech Hero

Since graduating from Durham University, where I studied Computer Science, I've been constantly involved in tech and product development. I'm hugely passionate about anything "smart" and the internet of things, but I'm not sure I trust Alexa! I love spending my free time tinkering with whatever I can get my hands on, gadgets, buttons, home automation, any kind of tech or my motorbike and anything which generally makes life easier or more enjoyable. I prefer to utilise tech to carry out the less fun tasks in life, leaving me more time to get creative (or game)!

I have an analytical mindset, but paired with natural creativity and a visionary mind. I'm an excellent problem solver and often seeing the things that others don't. I definitely think outside of the box, having been known to throw myself into complex problems and be the straight-talking one who clears up all the mess. The fixer and the big picture guy all at once.

I currently work as a Product Manager, and have been involved in major product development and launches, from large scale business transformations to startups. Plus launching apps and services from scratch. There's nothing quite like coming up with an awesome idea, or being involved in the start of one, and watching it grow. Before most people have finished talking about their current idea, I've already seen the next 10 years of its development and imagine it exploding into something huge!

I'm an advocate of the Agile mindset and am a certified practitioner in Agile. What that means, outside of a buzzword, is that I can help you adapt, and run your business in a way that allows swift changes to the ever-changing world we find ourselves in. I believe fully in building things that users will love, and use, and most importantly, making the world a little better with every step.

Rudy, Operations & Billing Hero

My career has been 15 years in the making so far. It has taken me from working four part-time jobs at once, to a Call Centre Trainer for the NHS Direct phone service and later on in broader roles. In the last 10 years I have looked after the payments and internal controls for the Cash & Banking team at TalkTalk and managed multi-region Billing & Collections teams and major business projects at a global Unified Communications company.

I have progressed by being an intuitive learner, picking up new things quickly, and taking responsibility for problems at hand. By identifying opportunities for change in processes and systems, and then driving that change to completion, I have saved 1000s of hours and millions of pounds for the companies I have worked for. Clear goal setting, and ensuring we have a way to track and monitor results, has been key to the success of these projects.

With the mild bragging out of the way, I am looking to see how I can put my love of problem solving, customer experience and business operations to good use and deliver the best results possible. I am always looking for ways to improve myself personally and professionally, and firmly believe that continuous improvement is the best way to succeed. It is definitely an approach I utilise and evangelise when working with any business.

Image: Yulia Matvienko/Unsplash