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Why feedback is SO important

We didn’t win the pitch. It happens. Why didn’t we get it?

Such a simple question. But do you know how often people don’t ask?

All. The. Time.

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Push beyond the negativity and you'll reap the benefits

It’s a difficult conversation, and most people aren’t great at handling negative feedback. People get defensive, and disagree, and sometimes even angry about it.

But feedback loops are critical for any successful business. I’d go so far as to say that they’re critical for everything in life. Not sure if that colour you’ve painted your wall is too dark? Ask someone for their opinion. Not sure if that outfit works, ask. Not sure if your business idea is feasible. Ask. Starting to see a trend here?

Most people will give you feedback, and the answers may surprise you.

Whatever area you work in feedback will always be helpful

I spent a lot of time in the tech industry and feedback loops are a core part of the “Agile Development Mindset”. But I’m 100% certain that the industry is irrelevant to the overall mindset. For example, is there an industry where customer feedback is just ignored? I can’t think of one as I write this. (Leave some in the comments if you can think of any!)

I’m a Product Manager. My job, at my day job, is to maximise the value of my product to customers, and the business, to create a product that is valuable, usable and feasible. You know the best way of doing that? User feedback. Customer feedback. Internal feedback.

As soon as I start prototyping or developing ideas, I plaster them all over the office to get ideas and comments from anyone and everyone (assuming it’s not confidential). Two heads are always better than one. And more than two is better still! Feedback is critical. Ideas can come from anywhere after all. But all this feedback gives us crucial data points.

Next time a customer leaves, or doesn’t go through with the sale, ask them why. If they say it’s because you’re missing “x”, well, when one prospective customer doesn’t sign up because something’s missing in your service or product, that might be ok. When it’s 10, or 100, or 1000, and the answer is the same thing missing. The product manager in me says, “Right, it’s time we offer that thing!”. Give the people what they want!

Remember to act on the feedback to see results

So keep asking your customers, prospects, or anyone who will allow it for feedback. Try to take it objectively, and then act on it appropriately! (You’re allowed to disagree with it, just do it objectively).

And remember, if you’re struggling with this idea, or would like to know how to get this invaluable feedback, the friendly team at Working Progress can help. (We also have bucket loads of experience doing it :)) If you would like some free advice please get in touch.

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